We’re expert in the management of variable critical waste, including: railway sleepers, mineral wool, chemicals and laboratory reagents, non-dangerous pharmarceutics, contamined bituminous sheaths.

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Biochem Italia with the assistance of accredited laboratories, provides services in the analytical field of chemical, technological and commodity certification.

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Biochem Italia is qualified to intervention in securing of materials, in environments at risk of chemical and biological contamination.

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About Us

Biochem Italia is a leader in the treatment of dangerous industrial waste. Strong of the large production site located in Marco di Rovereto (TN) – Italy, Biochem Italia is a reality of primary importance on the Italian, Austrian and German territory.

Expert in the management of variable critical waste, Biochem Italia is the reference point for the recovery and disposal of a wide range of materials. A partner of leading European companies and at the forefront of industrial waste treatment technologies, Biochem Italia is able to fully meet the needs of its customers, guaranteeing maximization of process and management of treated waste.

  • Disposal of railway sleepers
  • Disposal of mineral wool
  • Recovery of non-dangerous pharmarceutics
  • Disposal of chemicals and laboratory reagents
  • Solid waste treatment from thermal destruction
  • Treatment and disposal of contaminated empty packaging
  • Recovery of bituminous sheaths contaminated with dangerous substances

New disposal services

 We have recently opened a new platform for the treatment and disposal of empty packaging contaminated with residues of dangerous substances (highly reactive in contact with water and air) such as: chlorophenols, thionyls, sulphores, isocyanates, anhydrides, brominates, etc.

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Company Values


Biochem Italia is attentive to the continuous evolution of a discontinuous market and makes its strength in terms of seriousness and rapidity in responding to the customer.


Biochem Italia always guarantees its services at the best available market prices.

Reintegration and no-end-of-life

We focus our efforts on optimizing waste treatment processes, concentrating where possible on the replenishing of waste in the life-cycle of material.

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